What You Should Eat For Breakfast If You're Trying To Lose Weight

by Samantha
Kristen Curette Hines

With just a few months left until summer, there couldn't be a better time to kick your health and fitness routine into high gear.

The traditional way of transforming your body (eating healthy accompanied by an exercise routine) is the best “no fail” way to see real results.

In order to leave the frustrations of these failing “fad” diets behind, healthy eating needs to become a part of your lifestyle, and this routine should start first thing in the morning by choosing a metabolism-boosting breakfast.

By definition, your metabolism is "the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life."

Therefore, our metabolism is what converts our food into fuel.

For that reason, if you choose to skip breakfast, your body stays in “sleep mode” and doesn't take advantage of the time that you have awake to burn calories.

In fact, when you eat less than you need for basic biological function (about 1,200 calories for most women), your body "throws the brakes on your metabolism."

The best way to wake up your system after having had spent hours at rest is to drink hot water with lemon.

In a 2003 study published in "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism," researches found the metabolic rate of healthy men and women increased by 30 percent after drinking 2 cups of water.

In addition, lemons have the power to flush out the toxins that we ingest after eating processed foods. These toxins cause unnecessary bloating and can slow down our metabolism.

This is where eating organic is key.

Moreover, lemons are high in pectin fiber, which can help ward off hunger cravings.

Another drink you can pair with your breakfast that has metabolism-boosting effects would be green tea.

People who drink green tea on a daily basis naturally burn up to an extra 100 calories per day because of the the antioxidants called catechins in the tea.

Moving on from drinks to foods, your breakfast should be consumed approximately one hour after eating in order to kick your digestive system into gear.

According to Men's Health Magazine, the best type of breakfast consists of protein and healthy fats.

While purposely eating “fat” is frightening to some, there is a significant difference between saturated and unsaturated fats.

Saturated fats raise the levels of cholesterol in your blood, which clogs your arteries over time, increasing your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Foods that contain saturated fat are dairy products, processed meats and pre-packaged snacks.

Therefore, ingredients such as butter and milk, which are often found in breakfast foods such as pancakes and waffles, are not only slowing down your metabolism, but they do pose as a danger to your health if you choose to consume them on a daily basis.

So, most people do best with eating a combination of protein and healthy fats first thing in the morning, such as eggs and avocados, both of which keep you satisfied for longer and help prevent low blood sugar fluctuations.

Avocados fall under the category of unsaturated fats, which helps to give your body a boost in energy in the morning. In turn, this helps you to burn more fat throughout your day.

In my opinion, the best breakfast option is a smoothie because you are able to consume all of the aspects of the ideal nutrition profile that would help you stay healthy and to loose weight, combined with exercise.

For example, smoothies can contain an abundance of protein if you so choose.

In terms of creating a great-tasting smoothie, the base of your smoothie is key.

Including bananas for your base will make for a creamy taste. In addition, yogurts can also be added with healthy fats, such as coconut oil, almond butter and raw chocolate (known as cocoa).

Next, all you would have to do is throw your favorite fruits into the blender for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Greens can be including as well, as they are masked by the tastes of the fruits and healthy fats.

Last but not least, the breakfast that has taken over Instagram, the acai bowl, is also an excellent choice for a metabolism-boosting breakfast.

In close relation to the smoothie, the acai bowl contains a fruit that is similar to a cross between a blueberry and a grape.

This breakfast is a nutrient-dense powerhouse, as it contains a high level of antioxidants that are not just great for your body, but are also great for your skin.

You can put your favorite toppings over your acai bowl, in a similar fashion to frozen yogurt. Not only will this breakfast option boost your metabolism, but due to its nutrient-dense properties, the fruit is also known to have positive effects on ailments associated with oxidative stress, heart disease and cancer.

Overall, when planning your health and fitness routine for this summer, it is important to take your breakfast choices into consideration, as they are key in boosting your metabolism.

Nutrient-dense foods and drinks tend to nourish your body, while also preparing it to loose fat after a session at the gym.

The food choices that you make every day should become a part of your everyday lifestyle, and with hard work, these decisions will lead to your desired health and fitness goals.