Domino's Banned A Customer Because She Asked For Extra Jalapenos


Listen, people. Pizza toppings are sacred and shouldn't be messed with.

The toppings literally make the pizza, so if there's one missing or there aren't enough, the pie could be ruined. And ruined pizza is one thing I cannot forgive.

But, Domino's decided to ruin pizza for Anneliese Shabbir, a mother of three from Linlithgow, Scotland.

All this pizza lover wanted was extra jalapenos on her pizza, but when she opened the box, a mere seven jalapenos were on the pie.


There should be seven jalapenos on each. freaking. slice. And you only put seven on the whole thing? Shame on you.

When Shabbir justifiably expressed her anger and requested extra jalapenos, Domino's apparently wasn't happy about it.

So instead of solving her problem, the chain banned her from the branch. Because THAT'S the perfect way to solve your problems.

Her being banned apparently comes at the end of a long line of disappointments on Domino's end.

Shabbir is actually so used to not getting enough jalapenos on her pizzas that she usually calls Domino's instead of ordering online to stress the importance of her needs.

She said to MetroUK,

I actually ring them and place an order for collection, rather than use the website, so that I can speak to someone and stress the bit about extra jalapenos. With the most recent pizza there were literally seven jalapenos on the whole pizza. It was pathetic.

Shabbir says she first found her love for jalapenos when she was pregnant with her first child, and now she eats Domino's four times a week.

That's dedication if I've ever seen it.

And honestly, I get it. Life is way too short not to get the pizza toppings you deserve. When you're repeatedly let down by your favorite pizza spot, it has to be annoying AF.

Despite Ms. Shabbir's long-standing relationship with Domino's, the chain let her down once and for all.

The company sent her a pretty sassy email basically letting her know that if Domino's couldn't satisfy her needs, then she should find another pizza parlor that will give her what she wants.


LOL, WHAT? Can Domino's do this? Does it have this kind of power?

First it doesn't give her what she wants, and then the company BANS HER when she calls it out for its inadequate service? Talk about being blindsided.

A Domino's spokesperson said,

Despite every effort by our store team to satisfy Ms. Shabbir, it seemed we were unable to meet her expectations. And so it was suggested that it may be best for both parties if we do not accept any future orders from her.

Domino's may have gone too far with this one. I mean, it wasn't like she was attacking them or sending them threatening letters. The woman just wanted her damn peppers.

Don't lose all hope just yet.

Shabbir, being the dedicated woman she is, says she's willing to drive half an hour away to the second nearest Domino's. No one can come between this woman and her toppings.

Here's to hoping that location has enough jalapenos to satisfy this brave, determined, hungry woman.

The moral of the story is, don't mess with Domino's because it has a power complex.

Because, you know, cooking pizza is really hard.