New Cupcake-Flavored Hershey Kisses Are Perfect For V-Day

Valentine's Day is about a lot of things.

It's about a saint (Valentine). It's about love. It's about friends.

It's a day about high expectations and hope, just as it's a day about reminders of loneliness and despair.

But more importantly than all that crap, Valentine's Day is about food.

Really, it's a wonder we don't rank it among Thanksgiving in terms of "strange American holidays centered around eating."

Whether you're tied down in a relationship or single, chances are you will be eating a little differently on Valentine's Day than you do on any other day.

For some people, that means a fancy meal with champagne. For others, that means a tub of ice cream.

But one thing brings us all together: chocolate.

You could be snuggling under the covers with a lover or your BFF, but you'll probably have some amount of chocolate on you.

Hershey's, as always, is making the holiday cheerful with a new flavor of its classic Kisses candy just in time for February 14.

They are cute and pink and I want thousands of them right now.


The new flavor is white cookie cupcake, which is a mouthful... of deliciousness.

They are being sold at Target, and are currently on sale if you check the site.

They say about the new flavor,

It is so true. I mean, look at that picture again. Adorable AF.

While I haven't gotten my mouth on one of these goodies quite yet, I imagine it tastes something like sugary white chocolate crossed with cake-flavor ice cream. So, you know, just an extra crazy-tasty flavor blast.

Stock up today or wait till the extra sales after Valentine's Day next week, but this ridiculous flavor is sure to be a hit with all those you share the holiday with — even if that's just yourself.

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