New Cupcake-Flavored Hershey Kisses Are Perfect Replacement For V-Day Roses

by Alexandra Svokos

Valentine's Day is about a lot of things.

It's about a saint (Valentine). It's about love. It's about friends.

It's a day about high expectations and hope, just as it's a day about reminders of loneliness and despair.

But more importantly than all that crap, Valentine's Day is about food.

Really, it's a wonder we don't rank it among Thanksgiving in terms of "strange American holidays centered around eating."

Whether you're tied down in a relationship or single, chances are you will be eating a little differently on Valentine's Day than you do on any other day.

For some people, that means a fancy meal with champagne. For others, that means a tub of ice cream.

But one thing brings us all together: chocolate.

You could be snuggling under the covers with a lover or your BFF, but you'll probably have some amount of chocolate on you.

Hershey's, as always, is making the holiday cheerful with a new flavor of its classic Kisses candy just in time for February 14.

They are cute and pink and I want thousands of them right now.


The new flavor is white cookie cupcake, which is a mouthful... of deliciousness.

They are being sold at Target, and are currently on sale if you check the site.

They say about the new flavor,

This seasonal chocolate candy not only tastes amazing, but looks beautiful on any seasonal table.

It is so true. I mean, look at that picture again. Adorable AF.

While I haven't gotten my mouth on one of these goodies quite yet, I imagine it tastes something like sugary white chocolate crossed with cake-flavor ice cream. So, you know, just an extra crazy-tasty flavor blast.

Stock up today or wait till the extra sales after Valentine's Day next week, but this ridiculous flavor is sure to be a hit with all those you share the holiday with — even if that's just yourself.

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