Courtesy of Nestle

Where To Buy Cough Drop-Flavored Kit Kats If Twitter Hasn't Persuaded You Not To

It's only August, but if retail brands can start pushing Halloween costumes, pharmacies can advocate for an early flu shot. If only cold and flu remedies got the chocolate treatment, perhaps getting sick wouldn't be so intolerable.Nestlé is definitely tapping into the chocolate-medicine combo, even if it's mostly for taste purposes than anything else. The company's latest release will leave you questioning where to buy cough drop-flavored Kit Kats.

Yes, cough drop-flavored. Melon and pancake weren't unique enough, so Japan had to take everyone's favorite chocolate bar and give it the most unusual twist possible. If you were planning on purchasing a package, you'll have to book your flight because they're only available in Japan. My apologies for breaking the bad news (if cough medicine's your thing).

You have to hand it to the company, this isn't exactly the direction you'd really expect. If you're curious what inspired this out-of-the-ordinary taste, you'll be surprised to know that the cold weather wasn't the main motive. Just in the time for the FIFA World Cup matches, the Kit Kats, which include real throat lozenge powder, will be released. So perhaps there is a bit more going on than it seems. Yasutaro Matsuki, a Japanese soccer commentator, is featured on the package, so you know the candy is all business in terms of soccer.

Courtesy of Nestle

While Nestlé is pretty pumped about the new offering, some are skeptical.

Others, however, are willing to give the cough drop-flavored Kit Kats a go.

From sushi-inspired chocolate bars to Hershey-flavored treats, Kit Kats have certainly seen a lot of innovation throughout the years. Some will make you say "Give me a break, break me off a piece" while others will make you say, "Really, give me a break." If you're in Japan through Sept. 10, get your hands on a box and enjoy cheering on your favorite soccer team. Here's to (hopefully) not getting a soar throat!