Coffee Lemonade Will Be The Only Way You'll Want To Get Your Caffeine Fix

by Robert Anthony

If you're ever in search of a new obscure food trend, you can always count on the internet to satisfy your cravings.

And what's the latest food trend to take the internet by storm?

Behold: coffee lemonade.

I know what you're thinking because I had the EXACT same reaction -- WTF?!

But it might not actually be as horrid as it sounds...

So, who's responsible for this concoction?

According to Bustle, a coffee shop in Brooklyn, New York called Stand Coffee is the mastermind behind the coffee lemonade hybrid drink.

Liz Clayton at Eater, who originally broke the story on the coffee craze, wrote,

The beverage, says Stand co-owner Bryan Hasho, is "nothing fancy." Built of lemon and vanilla simple syrup, cold brew coffee, and a splash of almond milk over ice, the drink has been on offer beyond Smorgasburg, at Stand's mobile coffee setup, and at their Manhattan coffee bar inside the Meatpacking District's Samsung Experience building since Stand's debut in March 2015.

Move over, Arnold Palmer Arizona, you've got hella competition.

The idea originally came when the Coffee Director at Stand Coffee, Nate Long, decided to revisit his "college-days habit of mixing coffee and orange juice."

Long swapped the orange juice with lemonade due to his interest in Russian food and culture.

A special Russian drink called "kofyeh slimonem," which means coffee with lemon, is what inspired Long to create the drink.

The refreshing beverage called the "Almond Palmer" bridges the massive gap between thirst-quenching lemonade and caffeine-fueled iced coffee.

The coffee creation also features almond milk (hence its name).

Instagram users who had a chance to try the unusual drink took to the platform to show off the goods.

Looking very tasty.

So, what do you do if you can't make it to Brooklyn to try coffee lemonade? Make one at home and consider your summer better than everyone else's!


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