Camouflage Ice Cream Is Here Just In Time For Huntin' Season

Wait, where's the ice cream?

Haha, just joking. It's right here, it's just camouflaged for some reason.

It hasn't been easy for Blue Bell Ice Cream lately.

Just last year, the Texas-based manufacturer had to shut their plants down because of a listeria contamination. (Listeria sounds fun, it even kind of looks like "hysterical" if you squint, but it is not fun.)

But now they're back in the biz! And they've got a totally Texas way to welcome themselves back. Presenting Blue Bell's latest flavor...

Camo 'n Cream.

Now, what does camo taste like? America, that's what.

The camouflage ice cream will be a swirl of pistachio-almond, chocolate and cream cheese ice cream, which doesn't sound awful, right?

Sure, I may be allergic to pistachio but I have to do my duty, as an American citizen, and eat this ice cream.

My country is counting on me. If I ever dare to look at the red, white and blue again and weep then I need to eat this slow-churned delicious concoction.

Camo 'n Cream is available in stores today -- but ya gotta spot it first.

Now that's one coldblooded killer.

Blue Bell/Annapurna Pictures

"Take the kill, ice cream."

Blue Bell/Huntworth Gear

Not even camouflage can protect you from PREDATOR!

Blue Bell/20th Century Fox

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