Brunch Flavored Candy Corn Is Real, Halloween Is Now Basic

You ever find yourself eating a handful of candy corn and thought, "Man, this would be so good if it tasted like brunch."

No, I haven't either. I assumed no one has ever thought that in their entire life of eating candy corn. However, I must have been mistaken because this is now a thing.

Candy corn is a Halloween tradition.

Even if you don't actually enjoy the taste and texture of the treat, you still find yourself, year after year, buying a bag of the candies.

Or, at least, curling your lip in disgust at the bag of candies in the store.

Now the brand, Brach's, has for some reason tried to update the old classic by rolling out "Brunch Favorites." Maybe sales are down and they started to think, "Hey! You know what kids love? BRUNCH!"

The new flavors include French toast and maple syrup, strawberry waffle and chocolate chip pancakes.

But where's my personal brunch go-to: corned beef hash with eggs over easy (like my women) and a spicy Bloody Mary?

Although I have yet to perform a taste test, it is probably safe to assume that all three new flavors taste like fake sugar and the death of dreams.

The candy is up for sale at Target and, good news, it's on sale! You can replace the most important meal fusion of the day for just $2.50 and use the money you save to make your own bottomless mimosas.

So far, Brach's, in an effort to make candy corn cool again, has tried to make peanut butter, caramel, birthday cake and even macchiato candy corn happen. Brach's...


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