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You Can Now Get Drunk At Breakfast With These Insane Boozy Pop Tarts (Photos)

There are some things in life that will never make sense to me -- like drinking decaffeinated coffee or waiting until noon to get drunk.

Personally, I think you should be allowed to drink whatever and whenever the hell you want without people judging you.

If you want to get turnt up at the breakfast table by drenching your Froot Loops in wine, be my guest.

However, someone just figured out how to make an alcoholic rendition of your favorite breakfast food and it probably tastes a lot better than soggy cereal.

Behold, Boozy Pop Tarts.

That's right, you can now have you morning vino and eat it, too.

Created by Meagan Burke of F&B Department, these awesome pop tarts feature flaky, pastry shells packed with tasty fig filling, and they're smothered in a Port wine glaze and topped with a some rainbow sprinkles for good measure.

If you're wondering how you can get your hands on these bad boys, you'll be glad to know you can actually make them at home.

All you have to do is round up the ingredients and follow the recipe directions graciously provided Burke. Within no time, you'll have the kitchen going up on Tuesday morning.

Don't let these unsuspecting pastries fool you.

They're actually boozy pop tarts that let you have wine for breakfast.

These sugary snacks feature a pop tart pastry shell stuffed with a fig filling, drenched in a Port wine glaze and topped with sweet sprinkles.

Thanks to these badass breakfast treats, you'll never have to hide your morning glass of Cabernet in a coffee mug ever again.

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