This Bacon, Egg And Cheese Pizza Is What Breakfast Dreams Are Made Of (Video)

Pizza is arguably one of the most delicious foods ever invented.

If I wasn't afraid of turning into a whale, I would probably eat pizza for every damn meal of the day.

However, this coveted meal isn't really a big hitter when it comes to the breakfast table scene. Unless, of course, you wake up hungover and feel the need to stuff your face with a few cold slices for sustenance.

But, all of that is about to change because your beloved pizza just had a love child with the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

That's right, bacon, egg and cheese pizza is now a real thing.

Created by Food Steez, this drool-worthy pizza pie features pizza dough loaded up with crispy bacon, melty cheese, mushrooms and chives, and it's topped with a runny egg for good measure.

Yep, this prized pizza is pretty much the Holy Grail of hangover cures.

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