15 Young Moms Who Prove Fitness Doesn't Have To End With Motherhood

Every new mom wants to get in shape and lose that stubborn baby weight.

Let's face it; getting back in the gym after bringing a child into the world can be a daunting task.

New moms often ditch the dumbbells for exercises that come in the form of lifting their kids, squatting down to pick up toys and running on three hours of sleep.

However, having a baby shouldn't hold you back from going after your goals, or in this case, gains.

If there's one group of women who knows this it's Millennial moms.

These young moms know the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle, and lots of these ladies have figured out creative ways to incorporate fitness into their baby-packed schedules.

We found a bunch of young mamas who aren't afraid to flex their post-baby beach bods on Instagram and inspire other moms to go after their fitness goals.

Seriously, after you see their insane physiques you'll think twice before skipping out on the gym.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Millennial moms crushing the fitness game.

Thuy Dockendorf

Fit Anne

Ashley Horner

Jørgine Massa Vasstrand

Chelsea Ciano

Destanie Faye

Holly Fiske

Ashlee Hendry

Maria Kang

Anne Hamilton

Keridon Davis McMahon

Kristy BabyFitGym

Amber Rego

Heather Quinn

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