This First-Person Video Of BMX Star Nigel Sylvester Proves LA Is Too Lit

Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester first showed us life through his eyes when he crushed NYC in this last ridiculous first-person video, but now, he's landed on the West Coast and he's tearing Los Angeles a new one.

From Beverly Hills to Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory (wherever the hell that is), it's hard to argue LA isn't the most lit city in these United States.

Being fearless will also enhance your experience over here, and lucky for Nigel, he ain't scared of sh*t. Who else is going to hit the freeway on a bike?! Shout out the traffic for making that possible, though.

This is only the latest stop in Nigel Sylvester's tour. The BMX star will be hitting even more cities in the near future.

But what could really top New York and Los Angeles? Guess we'll have to wait and see.