This Festival In Nepal Is Dedicated To Celebrating Our Adorable Pet Dogs (Photos)


There is no creature more loyal than a dog, so it is important to stop and give dogs a little recognition every now and then.

Each year, Hindus in Nepal hold a five-day celebration known as Tihar.

If you're not familiar with Tihar, it's basically a highly-regarded Hindu holiday paying tribute to the relationship between humans, animals and gods with a series of daily celebrations.

Each day of this awesome festival is dedicated to a particular object or an animal of worship such as a cow, crow or canine.

All of the days of the festival are pretty incredible, but if you ask me, the most adorable out of the bunch is definitely the Kukur Tihar day when Hindus show some love for man's furry best friend.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this amazing day of the festival.

Hindus in Nepal just celebrated the cutest holiday ever... worshipping man's four-legged BFF during Kukur Tihar.

The dog festivities were all part of Tihar...

...or a five-day festival honoring the relationship between humans, animals and gods.

Throughout the Kukur Tihar day, people worshiped these tail-wagging critters...

...and performed prayer rituals, or pujas, alongside their pups.

Hindus also paid homage to their hounds...

By dressing them up in beautiful garlands...

Blessing them with colorful vermilion powders...

Sprinkling them with flower petals...

...and giving them lots of tasty treats.

If that's not enough to make you die from cuteness...

The Central Police Dog Training School in Kathmandu, Nepal held a special ceremony... honor its loyal police dogs and thank them for their services.

If only every holiday could be this damn adorable.

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