Life Is Complete Now That Female Emoji Are Finally Coming To Your Phone


It's fun to use emoji when texting with your friends, until you realize one sneaky, fucked up thing: All the female emoji are either getting married or going to the salon.

Like, really? It's 2016, women have more college degrees than men and this is all you've got emoji??

This has been a point of contention for some time now, with big corporations like Dove calling out the gender disparity within the app. Thankfully, it appears the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has finally gotten the message and plans to introduce a bunch of new female emoji that better represent today's vast spectrum of badass women.

With 11 professional emoji that have male and female options with a variety of skin tones, iPhone and Android users will have an easier time communicating thanks to the more inclusive, less sexist set of icons. Between female coders, musicians and doctors, we'll soon have many more options to choose from.

According to Unicode's report, we can expect to see the new emoji on our keyboards sometime before the end of 2016. So get your thumbs ready, texters, because you're emoji game is about to be lit.

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