Facebook's Gorgeous New Office Will Make You Hate Your Job Even More (Photos)

Hate your job?

You're probably going to hate it a lot more after seeing these pictures of Facebook's new headquarters.

The social media company recently moved its headquarters into a new waterfront space in Menlo Park, California, and the 430,000-square-foot space is straight from a dream.

The massive “campus” was designed by architect Frank Gehry, the mastermind behind the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Among many stellar features, the building includes a 9-acre rooftop park, museum-worthy artwork and a Chuck E. Cheese-esque ball pit meeting room.

Work hard, play hard is the mentality there.

There's nothing I can say that the pictures can't say a million times better, so you'll just have to see this incredible space for yourself.

Just don't get any tears on your resignation letter.

A bird's eye view of the office space.

Casual meeting room (?!?!).

One small part of the 9-acre rooftop garden.

The coolest swing EVER in the rooftop garden.

Wall art 2.0.

Ball pit meeting room.

OH YEAH the outside is stunning, too.

Just a little window...

...when employees need perking up.

More of the rooftop park, which is as big as seven football fields.

Badass staircase.

The view ain't bad, either.

And by that I mean it's f*cking beautiful.



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