Excedrin Created A VR Experience So Everyone Can Know The Pain Of A Migraine

If you've never experienced a migraine headache, consider yourself hashtag blessed. I experience migraine headaches a few times every year, and believe me, they are the disablingly painful.

For those who can't imagine what it's like, Excedrin created a VR experience to simulate the world's worst migraine. So, if you've ever scoffed at a co-worker calling in sick because of a migraine, this is for you, pal.

Excedrin's "Migraine Experience" shows non-sufferers that migraines are so much worse than bad headaches, helping users understand firsthand the dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and light sensitivity that accompany this special type of hell.

On Excedrin's website, they have family members and friends try on the VR headset and "experience" a migraine to better empathize with their suffering buddies.

While most of us don't have access to VR headgear, we can all watch Excedrin's YouTube video to get a glimpse of what it's like.

Personally, I could only watch about 10 seconds before I felt a headache coming on. Guess that's the end of my workday.

But before you go loading up on over-the-counter pain meds, beware. Taking too many pain relievers -- whether it be Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Excedrin -- can actually cause you to have more headaches.

Dr. Stephen Silberstein told The New York Times,

Over-the-counter medication overuse is one of the leading causes of chronic daily headache. Most people are not even aware of this. It is a silent epidemic.

One German study suggests it only takes three or four pills a day to reach the "critical intake frequency" and develop medication-overuse headaches. So self-medicate wisely and think twice before your head starts pounding so badly you can't think at all.

Watch the video above to see what it's really like to experience a migraine, but if you're sensitive at all, proceed with caution.

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