This Artist Creates Empowering Images On Instagram Using Poetry

Do you ever come across an Instagram account and end up spending hours scrolling through and liking every single post?

That's what happened when I stumbled across @cleowade.

Given that March is all about women here at Elite Daily, there is no better time to celebrate this poet and her inspirational Instagram account.

Born in New Orleans and currently residing in New York, Cleo Wade is a self-proclaimed "poet, artist and speaker working across mediums, creating empowering messages to provoke emotional responses from viewers, blending simplicity with positivity, femininity and arresting honesty."

You're guaranteed to connect with Cleo Wade's artwork, which will empower you and genuinely make you a better person.

Check out a few of her masterpieces below.

On body image

On equality

On speaking up

On inspiring change

On bad days

On becoming a better person

On accepting who you are

On knowing your worth

On welcoming others into your life

On loving yourself

On treating yourself

On not relying on your body to feel sexy

On the power of being a woman