Elevator At 1 World Trade Shows Time Lapse Of NYC's Skyline Since 1500

When you look at the new One World Trade Center, your first question is probably: How long is the elevator ride to the observatory up top?

Luckily for you, we have the answer: It'll take about 47 seconds at a top speed of 23 mph.

But the experience you have inside the elevator is the best part.

According to the Daily News, the new building will feature an elevator equipped with three high-tech monitors showcasing the evolution of the city's skyline in time-lapse form.

Primarily displaying Lower Manhattan, the footage begins during the 16th century before slowly working its way up to present-day as the elevator gets closer to the top of the tower.

You'll even get to see one of the Twin Towers for a couple of seconds.

Every guest looking to experience breathtaking views from One World Trade Center's observatory will get to watch the time lapse first.

Looking for something interesting to do this Spring? The observatory opens May 29!

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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