This Is The One Drink Missing From Your Fourth Of July Cocktail List

With the Fourth of July around the corner, you're probably thinking about what drinks you're going to grab for your party or BBQ.

Beer and wine are great options. And not that we'll ever get bored of drinking wine of the red, white and light pink variety, blue wine is now a thing. And it tastes just like sweet white wine. Cheers to that.

It's not surprising this genius wine innovation comes from a group of 20-somethings in Spain at a company called Gik. They had no background in wine making at all. It hasn't hit the US yet, but you can put money on it making its way over here soon.

The color comes from indigo and anthocyanin, which is found in the grape skin, and a non-caloric sweetener. According to its site, Gik doesn't add any sugar to their wine. The wine itself is actually a blend of both red and white wine made with grapes from Spanish and French vineyards.

Red, white or blue, wine is still wine.

Do you think it stains your teeth blue?

Imagine having blue wine in your Independence Day BBQ spread.

It looks like an adult version of a sugary blue soda.

Safe guess, it probably goes well paired with blue cheese.

So, when this blue wine does make its way over to the US, make sure to grab a bottle to take your Fourth of July BBQ to the next level.