People Are Dressing Their Babies Up As Bernie Sanders, And It's Amazing (Photos)

Not long ago, the Internet was blessed with a bunch of hilarious Donald Trump cats. Then, those presidential cats were "trumped" by a bunch of badass Donald dogs.

Now, babies are getting in on the campaign action. However, these tikes aren't donning awful Trump-inspired toupées.

Instead, they're supporting the opposition by channeling their inner Bernie Sanders.

That's right. #BabiesForBernie is now a real thing on Instagram, and lots of parents are transforming their kids into old dudes who look like their favorite Democratic candidate.

Apparently, the Babies for Bernie movement was started by Ashira Siegel and Bryan Leggo to raise support for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

This is probably the cutest, not to mention, most hilarious thing to ever happen on the campaign trail.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the awesome new Instagram trend.

This may look like Benjamin Button...

But don't be fooled by the gray hair and glasses...

...because it's actually one of Bernie Sanders' baby supporters.

There's a new trend on social media called #BabiesForBernie...

And now, lots of parents are showing their political support... Bernie-izing their babies.

Kids are getting pretty crafty with their campaign support.

So far, we've seen everything from newborns in election-inspired #OOTDs...

And Bernie blankies...

To kids flexing their support with signs...

...and babies who could basically pass for the man himself.

This kid is totally feeling the Bern.

Bernie brows on fleek.

Just look at this baby's swagged-out Bernie stroller.

This supporter is as cute as a button.

Keep the Bernie babies coming.