This Incredibly Hot Eye Doctor Is Everything Right Now (Photos)

Let's be real, no one likes going to the eye doctor.... Unless you're getting your peepers checked by Dr. Mark Agas.

After a video of Dr. Agas surfaced on Facebook, this gorgeous doc quickly became the ultimate man crush of the Internet.

Now, his photos are popping up all over the place, and it's not hard to see why ladies are loving the hottest eye doctor ever.

But before you break your glasses or start faking blurry vision, you should probably know this insanely hot doc has a girlfriend.

Sorry, ladies.

Dr. Agas is apparently dating medical student and model Kara Gozali and, unfortunately, they look adorable together.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the hottest doctor taking over social media.

Meet Dr. Mark Agas.

Aside from being insanely hot...

...this 32-year-old hunk is ridiculously smart.

And he's an ophthalmology resident at St. Luke's Medical Center in the Philippines.

After a video of Dr. Agas surfaced on Facebook, girls have been going crazy over him.

Aside from being a sexy doc...

And saving his patients' vision...

...Dr. Agas is also a male model managed by Mercator Artist and Models Management.

However, that shouldn't be too surprising since Dr. Agas is incredibly easy on the eyes.

And he doesn't look half bad without a shirt on, either.

If that's not enough to convenience you to make an appointment for your annual eye checkup, Dr. Agas also loves puppies...

...and babies. Seriously, how does this guy even exist?

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