There's A New Lipstick Color Named After Drake, And It Looks Incredible (Photos)

Drake has certainly come a long way from winning over our hearts as Jimmy on "Degrassi."

Yep, it seems like Drake has a lot going for him these days, and now, he's even running through the sticks -- lipsticks, to be exact.

That's right: You can now add a little Champagne Papi to your beauty routine, since Drake has a lipstick named in his honor.

The new hue is part of Tom Ford's Lips & Boys makeup collection featuring all sorts of men who hold special meanings to the famous designer.

Apparently, Drake's signature shade is a dark burgundy, and it's just as good-looking as he is.

The lipsticks are reportedly set to sell at $52 each. So, if you want to rock this shade, you better not wait until it's too late because you're definitely gonna miss this lipstick when it's gone.

Thanks to Tom Ford's Lips & Boys beauty collection... can now get your hands on a Drake-inspired shade of lipstick.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to flawlessly wear this pigmentation?

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