This Genius Cafe Serves Doughnuts Stuffed With Mouthwatering Gelato (Photos)

Need a really good reason to visit Australia?

Feast your eyes on Gelatissimo's gelato doughnut, an irresistible mashup of two of the best desserts of all time.

They say money can't buy happiness, but this Australia-based creamery offers this breathtaking food creation for just about $3.50. So, tell that to someone else, buddy.

The gelato shop's website reads,

Life tastes better with gelato! Our artisan gelato makers are always churning a freshly made gelato in-store, created with only the finest ingredients and the best part – with no artificial colors or flavors.

Then, you add a soft, fluffy doughnut to that freshly-churned gelato, and you can consider your life made.

This reminds me of the time New York-based Chef Dominique Ansel unveiled the Cronut and everyone went insane. The only real difference is these gelato doughnuts aren't available in the United States, let alone New York. And I'm sad about it.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

If you were ever wondering what happiness looks like in food form, it's this: a doughnut filled with freshly-churned gelato.

Gelatissimo is responsible for the existence of these beautiful, mouthwatering treats.

And guess what? They're priced at just about $3.50.

There's your reason to visit Australia -- ASAP!

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