Ren Netherland

Fluffy Dogs Groomed Into Colorful TV Characters And Animals Look Wild (Photos)

Changing up your appearance and trying out different styles is a great way to boost your confidence and take on a fresh new look.

But who says glam makeovers should just be for humans?

Sometimes your furry best friend could also use some revamping. However, when it comes to giving your beloved pooch a fabulous new look, some people go a bit beyond a simple haircut or cute collar.

In his latest project, photographer Ren Netherland set out to capture a variety of dogs that have been transformed from blank canvases into colorful works of art. To achieve these awesome doggie designs, the groomers painstaking dye and sheer the desired shapes in each pup's fur.

While you may think these dogs are pretty hard to miss, Netherland usually has to travel to grooming competitions across the United States to find these vibrant pups.

From familiar cartoon characters to zoo creatures, you never know what you are going to find in their fur.

These multicolored dogs have some pretty impressive doggie 'dos. Not to mention, they look absolutely hilarious.

It's the "Sesame Street" gang...

...and Oscar the Grouchy green pooch.

This mechanical dog is intense.

Exotic birds are the must-have doggy accessory of the season.

This dragon dog is pretty badass.

Who needs to go to the zoo when you have this pup?

This is the terror of the deep doggy sea.

Here's a furry African safari pooch.

Donald and Daisy love hanging with this guy.

And you can't forget to put Mickey on the ultimate Disney dog.

Yoda's got a furry best friend.

There's even an Ewok tramp stamp.

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