6 Adorable Dog Instagrams You Need To Be Following

by Giana Pacinelli

Social media has given us the opportunity to showcase our relationships, our latest hairstyles, our new jobs and, most importantly, our adorable dogs.

Both dog owners and dog lovers seem to gravitate toward dog Instagram pages, just like they gravitate toward #FoodPorn Instagram pages.

The rationale is obvious: Both types give you a sense of joy and jealousy, both simultaneously and instantly. If you have yet to break into the wonderful world of Instagram dogs, I have you covered.

These are the six you should follow today, in honor and celebration of National Puppy Day:

1. @PuppiesOfInstagram

If you don't have a breed of choice or are just looking to get your feet wet, you can't go wrong with @PuppiesOfInstagram. This Instagram account finds great balls of fur in compromising places, all while making adorable faces.

All the puppies showcased have their own Instagram accounts, giving you easy access to a library of puppy pages. @PuppiesOfInstagram is brought to you by BarkBox, so you know you've found a credible source.

2. @TheDogist

This author-turned-Instagrammer travels around the country (and primarily NYC) to find furry friends of all shapes and sizes to pose for their 15 seconds of fame.

Each Instagram post tells you the name, breed and age of the dog, in addition to where in the world the puppy was found at the time of the photo -- right down to the street corner. If you're considering getting a dog, but haven't decided on a breed just yet, this could be the account for you.

3. @DogsInBeds

The only thing better than lying in bed is seeing a dog lie in bed. Well, there's an Instagram account for that.

You can judge an account by its handle, thanks to @DogsInBeds. In addition to photos of dogs in beds, you will find witty headlines, hashtags and other dog accounts credited for the photos.

4. @Marlee_The_Wolf

Dogs can have Instagrams too. This Akita claims to play Ghost on "Game Of Thrones." In her off time, she seems to do a lot of head tilting, sleeping and riding in cars.

Her favorite hashtag is #tbt because who doesn't love photos of themselves as a child (er, pup)? If you aren't familiar with the Akita breed, you will be now.

5. @TheRealBabyDog

Goldendoodles are the newest puppy fad, and @TheRealBabyDog will tell you why. This Goldendoodle, named Baby, doesn't seem to grow in size, but she does in popularity.

Baby struts her stuff through New York City. She gets hit on at Fleet Week, gets interviewed for "Nightline" and attends Purina's #BetterWithPets Summit.

She is the lucky child of two dads and one mom, and is really taking advantage of all the Big Apple has to offer. After all, if you can make it, there you can make it anywhere, right?

6. @JiffPom

He has been showcased in Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video, and is actually represented by United Talent Agency. Yes, this Pomeranian has an agent, and you do not.

Jiff also has a Snapchat account and an IMDB page. Luckily, Jiff doesn't let fame get to his head. He continues to give his fans what they want: photos of him sleeping, smiling and taking pictures with fans. DJ Khaled better watch out.

It's important to note that these six Instagram accounts barely hit the surface of all that Instagram has to offer puppy lovers. If you have a favorite breed, you have a favorite Instagram dog account.

Break into the puppy game with these six to start, and have a very happy National Puppy Day.