This Adorable Dog Is The Only Foodie You'll Actually Want To Follow (Photos)

If you thought that "food baby" from NYC was the most adorable foodie on social media, think again.

There's another little guy out there turning #foodporn photos into epic displays of unadulterated cuteness. Meet Jiff the Pomeranian.

In addition to being more talented (and popular) than most humans, this insanely cute dog also knows a thing or two about fine doggy dining.

In fact, when Jiff isn't dancing, skateboarding or hanging out with his celeb friends, you can usually find this Insta star stuffing his precious little puppy face with all sorts of delicious food while simultaneously looking ridiculously adorable.

Recently, the folks over at Foodbeast set out to find all of Jiff's best food porn uploads and, trust me, no matter what this furry fella is eating, his charming photos do not disappoint.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Jiff the Fido foodie.

Jiff the Pomeranian isn't your average dog.

As an Instagram famous pup, Jiff has a taste for the finer things in life.

So, it's no surprise he's the cutest foodie on social media.

Jiff is a pro when it comes to snapping some seriously sweet selfies.

And the fact that he's as good-looking as his food is just icing on the cake.

Just look at the little puppy tongue.

Watching him eat ice cream will melt your heart.

Jiff only has eyes for fries...

...and latte art, of course.

Jiff brunches like a barking boss...

...but he's also all about those doggy dollar slices.

He doesn't even look like a basic bitch when he drinks his seasonal lattes from Starbs.

Jiff knows all those carbs can really catch up with you... he maintains his cute and cuddly waistline by working out...

...and eating healthy once in a while.

But, he usually can't keep his paws off delicious treats for long.

Ice cream seems to be his biggest weakness.

Trick or treat!

Is eating hot dogs considered cannibalism?

I donut think anyone could top this little foodie's cuteness.

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