Ditch Plastic Forever With These Totally Edible 'Wooden' Spoons

by Kate Ryan

Plastic utensils. They're the bane of every BBQ's existence. You use a spoon to eat baked beans for four minutes and then toss it to spend an eternity in a landfill. It's not the best strategy for sustainable living.

Now, thanks to Bakeys, an edible utensil company, we can all look forward to eating our spoons and saving the planet in the process. Not to mention saving your own body, since plastics have been known to leach dangerous chemicals.

You may have heard of an edible spoon maker, but this company wants to do all the work for you. And for $4 for a pack of 100 spoons, they're very affordable. Should you choose not to eat your spoon (because you're gluten intolerant or whatever), you can toss it in the garbage and it'll decompose within 5 days.

So far, the company has surpassed its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter, but it could always use the extra funds. Bakeys is helping us avoid an environmental apocalypse after all.

Watch Huffington Post's video below for more details and get excited to start eating your own spoons soon.

These Utensils Are Totally EdibleThese edible utensils are helping India cut down on waste. Posted by The Huffington Post on Friday, March 25, 2016


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