Artist Reimagines Your Favorite Disney Princesses Rocking Short Hair (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller

Last month, we introduced you to The Nameless Doll, a Tumblr artist who reimagined Disney princesses as mermaids.

The artist's first series got a lot of attention, and now, The Nameless Doll is back -- this time, with a far more daring project.

In this series, The Nameless Doll reimagines Disney princesses with short hair, which goes against the idealized beauty all Disney princesses seem to uphold: thin women with long hair and big eyes.

The artist wrote on Tumblr,

Ever since I got my pixie cut last year, I wanted to make a little Photoshop series where I gave all of the Disney princesses short hair, but I never actually tried it out until this summer. My goal was to try and mimic the movie's style as much as I can.

Check 'em out below, and head to Tumblr to see more of The Nameless Doll's work.


Anna and Elsa





Sleeping Beauty


Snow White

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