Disney Princess Names Mean Completely Different Things When Translated

We've all seen our fair share of Disney fairytale stories on the big screen and in storybooks.

But, have you ever stopped to wonder if the names of your favorite Disney princesses and heroines actually have deeper meanings?

Well, thanks to one Disney fanatic named Jack, we now know.

It turns out Disney gals have more than just pretty faces and beautiful names.

In fact, most of their names actually have different meanings when translated from English to other languages.

Jack sharpened up his translation skills and set out to reveal all the magical meanings behind Disney names. He created an awesome Tumblr exploring what the princesses' names actually mean in other languages.

His Tumblr includes everything from the Algonquian translation of Pocahontas, "she is playful," and the Greek translation of Tiana, "princess," to the German translation of Rapunzel, "lettuce."

Take a look at the pictures below to see the meanings behind all of the Disney characters' names.

Snow White and Rapunzel

Cinderella and Aurora

Ariel and Belle

Jasmine and Pocahontas

Esmeralda and Megara

Mulan and Jane

Nani and Giselle

Nancy and Tiana

Merida and Anna

Elsa and Moana

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