Designers Transform Coworkers Into Superheroes In Epic Time-Lapse Video

We've all seen some pretty incredible things done with Photoshop.

You can use this software to spruce up your appearance, troll your friends' photos or, you know, casually turn all your coworkers into epic superheroes.

The designers at CLEARLINK recently decided to flex their Photoshop skills and have a little fun with their Halloween photos by transforming a snapshot of the design team into a badass squad of "X-Men" characters.

CLEARLINK posted a time-lapse video on YouTube revealing the whole Photoshop process, and it's pretty crazy to see the photo go from a bunch of people standing in a boring office to a surreal scene that looks like something straight out of the "X-Men" movie.

Seriously, who needs super powers when you have the power of Photoshop?

Check out the video up top to see this awesome superhero video.

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