Demi Lovato Has An Unusual Method For Recovering From Tough Workouts


There's nothing like downing an ice-cold glass of water after a grueling workout.

After you've been working up a sweat for a couple hours -- OK, let's be real, 20 minutes -- all you want to do is cool back down.

Demi Lovato takes that ritual to an extreme by dunking her body in a cryotherapy chamber where temperatures can dip as low as -220F. Apparently, the treatment speeds up your metabolism and burns 800 calories in a few minutes, which is good because any longer and you'd be a legit popsicle.

In Demi Lovato's case, she uses the ultra-cold therapy to help her body recover from particularly grueling workouts. Apparently, she's not the only famous Demi to resort to frigid temps; Demi Moore has been known to jump in cryotherapy chambers as well.

Hopefully, this is a sign we're one step closer to freezing Hollywood A-listers so they can one day be ultra-futuristic tabloid fodder.

Watch the video above to see how Demi Lovato gets hot and cools down.

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