Daredevils Race To Top Of 27-Story Building Just To Jump Off Of It (Video)

As kids, it was always fun to get into the competitive spirit and break a sweat by challenging your friends to a race.

But have you ever wondered what a good old-fashioned race would look like between two daredevils who share a love for base jumping adventures?

Well, it's quite simple; it looks pretty damn epic.

Recently, two South African base jumping buds, named Andy and Jean, challenged each other to a little friendly competition that was far from the ordinary foot race.

Instead of running on a trail or hitting up the high school track, these two strapped on GoPros and set off on a "base race."

Their awesome video captures the two lining up at the start, then sprinting up 27 stories of stairs to the top of an old abandoned building.

After they finally reached the top floor, the guys leap right off the edge of the building with parachutes in hand, and float down to the finish line on the ground.

This badass base jumping race looks insanely fun, and their amazing GoPro footage will surely put all those relay races you used to run in gym class to shame.

Check out the video to see these daredevils go head to head in an awesome race.

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