Daredevil Breaks World Record By Hitting 138 MPH On His Mountain Bike (Video)

World records are made and broken almost every day.

But some records are left untouched simply because they're damn near impossible. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Eric Barone, the French sportsman shatters the record for the world's fastest mountain bike speed.

And the entire stunt was done in the snowy French Alps. But exactly how fast was Barone going? Try 138.752 mph. That's pretty fast, huh? Certainly a lot faster than the average speed you'd hit on the highway... in a car!

This is just as awesome as the time a design team in the United Kingdom built the world's fastest lawnmower, which hit a top speed of about 130 mph. And Barone was still going faster on his bike.

Check out the stunning footage above for a closer look.

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