Dad Lets His Toddler Dress Herself And Her Fashion Sense Is Killer (Photos)

Simon Ragoonanan's toddler is the very definition of geek chic.

The stay-at-home dad, who writes a blog called Man vs. Pink, felt limited by the sartorial choices for girls and "princess culture" he saw in stores.

Ragoonanan felt that between the endless baby pink and bejeweled princess gear, chain stores only wanted to limit his daughter instead of helping her expand her mind and interests.

So, this unconventional dad and his wife allow their little girl to dress herself.

Ragoonanan told SheKnows he began the experiment on his daughter's third birthday.

Because Ragoonanan is a self-identified geek, his daughter has already been exposed to comic books and the "Star Wars" trilogy.

And that influence clearly shows; on any given day, she's dressed in some combination of Spider-Man and "My Little Pony" apparel.

She's a tiny style innovator.

Ragoonanan told SheKnows, "I'm trying to raise an independent, empowered girl."

"I want my daughter to be her own girl and then woman, but with such marketing force trying to sell to her and define what they want girls to be, I feel I have to compensate a bit."

"...I've always encouraged her to wear the geeky stuff — as much to show others as well as herself that being 'girly' doesn't have to mean pink and 'princessy.'"

Ragoonanan documents each day's outfit on his Instagram page, showing other parents out there an easy way to encourage creativity in children.

He writes on the blog, "I think little girls should aspire to be more than just princesses."

"...Pink doesn't have to be the only colour they like, and that all toys are gender neutral toys."

Ragoonanan feels companies neglect both women and girls with their products.

And if those brands won't support his daughter, he will.

He tries to help his daughter relate to comic book heroes.

Ragoonanan explains, "Anything with the Batman or Superman symbol we always call Batgirl or Supergirl, even though it's not intended to be."

While Anna Wintour isn't likely to phone any time soon, Ragoonanan's little girl makes her own style statement.

She'd be welcome at Comic Con any day.

It takes an impressive arsenal of nerdy clothing to wear a different superhero t-shirt every day.

Wonder Woman would be proud.

This girl is going to grow up with a thriving imagination, thanks to dad.

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