Awesome Dad Builds His Daughter An Amazing Volkswagen Bus Bed (Photos)

Some parents will stop at nothing when it comes to giving their kids something special and unique for their birthdays, even if it means getting a little crafty and building something from scratch.

One awesome dad, who goes by the name of inexplorata on Reddit, recently gave his daughter the best present for her third birthday.

Since she was quickly outgrowing her crib, he decided a new bed would be the perfect gift, but he didn't get her just any bed frame.

After finding some old Volkswagen parts on Craigslist, this dedicated dad rolled up his sleeves and got to work building the ultimate DIY VW bus bed for his little girl.

According to this crafty dad,

A few people have built a bed that looks like a VW bus, but I wanted a cheaper way to do it that would leave me with some options later, in case it wasn't my daughter's thing. I built mine to sort of hang from a metal frame bunk bed, with removable panels. I kept costs down by using a lot of things from my garage — paint, screws, scrap wood — but bought about $100 worth of stuff.

After four months of hard work and a little help from the birthday girl herself, the bed finally came to life and the results are absolutely amazing.

From a dashboard with blinking gauges and a set of working headlights to a horn that makes car sounds and an interior hammock, this dad really thought of everything when putting together this colorful birthday bus bed.

Although his daughter is now 6 years old, she still loves this bed and sleeps in it every night.

All you need is some old Volkswagen parts...

...and a bed frame.

This dad used a little help from his adorable sidekick.

Then he got to work building the bus-shaped bed frame.

But the pair didn't forget to stop and pose for a quick progress picture along the way.

Next, he finished off the framing and added a couple of doors.

He prepped and primed the outside...

...and gave the bed a sweet paint job.

He didn't even forget to add the working headlights...

...and the VW sign, of course.

Next, he got to work on the inside dashboard...

...and added some pops of color to the interior sides of this VW bed.

There you have it, a birthday present that is totally far out.

It looks just as amazing on the inside.

This awesome DIY van is the coolest bed ever.

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