Fred Giovannitti

Creative Dad Turns His Kids' Doodles Into Amazing Masterpieces (Photos)

No matter how busy and hectic our lives may be, it's alway important to make time for family.

If there's one person who knows this, it's Fred Giovannitti.

As a tattoo artist, inventor, environmentalist and entrepreneur, Giovannitti is a pretty busy guy.

But that doesn't stop this proud father of three from finding time to make some awesome art projects with his kids.

While Giovannitti lives in Delaware with his family, his tattoo studio is actually in Las Vegas, so he spends a lot of time traveling back and forth for work.

But to pass the time, this creative guy doesn't sit back and watch an in-flight movie. Instead, he takes his kids' drawings along for the ride and fills in their blank doodles with incredible colors.

Giovannitti started this coloring project so he could always have a piece of his kids with him and feel connected to them while he's away from home.

Since this traveling tradition began four years ago, he has transformed a ton of their drawings into vibrant works of art.

Giovannitti's coloring skills are pretty impressive, and his three kids -- Sofia, Jaxton and Freddie -- are always excited to see what their doodles will look like when dad returns home.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Giovannitti's incredible coloring.

Meet Fred and his adorable kids.

This proud dad turns his kid's blank doodles into colorful works of art.

He brings Bender to life.

And he turns this mummy into a creepy character.

He carefully shades in a stunning beauty pageant star.

This is the perfect pop of color for old Kris Kringle.

His incredible coloring makes these doodles look so realistic, they could just hop off the paper.

Sometimes he brightens up a seaside lighthouse...

...or furiously colors in a character during his flight.

Other times he fills in football players... gruesome monsters a colorful makeover...

...and goes to great depths to transform all of his kids' drawings into something spectacular.

No matter what his kids give him to color in while he's away...

...his creations are always out of this world.