Hilarious Instagram Account Features Texts From A Crazy Jewish Mom (Photos)

Ah, moms -- what are we ever going to do with these lovely women?!

Aside from being one of the main reasons for your entire existence, it's important to remember all of the other good things they bring into your life.

You know, childhood memories, inside jokes and, these days, hilarious text messages you just can't refrain from taking screen shots of.

With social media constantly serving as one big stage for the hilarity that ensues in your daily life, we're not surprised that there's a new, incredibly obscure Instagram account filled with the crazy, funny texts you might get from your equally crazy mom.

However, these aren't just texts from any mom -- theses are texts from one especially relentless Jewish mother.

Crazy Jewish Mom has been able to rack up over 146,000 followers on Instagram -- and for a good reason.

If your mom constantly texts you, there's a chance she's said a few crazy things at one point or another. But your mom's probably not crazier than a Jewish mom.

As a matter of fact, there's an entire Instagram account dedicated to hilarious text messages sent by a Jewish mom called @CrazyJewishMom.

Aside from showcasing her crazy antics, the hilarious conversations also highlight that she's incredibly caring...

Super loving...

Unbearably direct...

Sometimes considerate... Always expressive... And girls, you can't get mad at her when she thinks long-term. If you do, she'll just make up for it by surprising you with gifts and offending you at the same time. If she's not buying you new clothes, she's making sure there's room in your closet for them. It's part of being a crazy Jewish mom. Just like pretending to be absolutely clueless. But they're never clueless to the fact that they're certifiably insane! And you just have to deal with her for the rest of your life... Even while you're busy trying to save the world. Or if you're the daughter of one, become a crazy Jewish mom yourself one day!

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