Your Annoying Coworkers Reimagined As Rappers Are Hilariously Spot On (Photos)

If you work in an office, there's a good chance you've probably encountered some classic examples of annoying coworkers.

But have you ever wondered what the workday would be like if all the irritating assh*les in your department got a makeover inspired by some of hip-hop's finest?

Well, the answer is quite simple: absolutely hilarious.

Sarah Cooper recently created a new series of illustrations for The Cooper Review, which transform all of the coworkers you love to hate into a variety of comical rap characters.

From the nosy Snoop Snoopy Dog, who's always peeking at your computer screen, to the sniffling, tissue-toting Young Sneezy, who's spreading his illnesses around the office, her hilarious illustrations include all of the coworkers you regularly gossip about at the water cooler.

Eminemba is the intern who's way too enthusiastic.

Two Cent has something to say in every meeting.

Nit Picky Minaj is the queen of micro management.

Snoop Snoopy Dog's screen spying game is always strong.

Young Sneezy doesn't know how to keep his germs to himself.

Kant Wait West wants everything done immediately.

Ice Cubicle has his desk on lockdown.

Kendrick Lamartyr always takes one for the team.

Notorious WFH has mastered the art of calling in sick.

Young Buck always knows best.

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