10 Pregnancy Announcements Proving These Couples Will Be Awesome Parents (Photos)

Finding out you're going to have a baby is huge and exciting news.

So when you finally decide to tell your friends and family you've got a bun in the oven, you want to make it special and memorable.

When it comes to breaking the news, you can mail out a bunch of boring, sonogram-clad cards, or you can take the creative route and think of an epic way to let the world know you've got one on the way.

I don't know about you, but I'd probably go with the second choice, just like these clever expecting couples.

From baby puns and "Breaking Bad" references to binge eating while showing off a baby bump, these pregnancy announcements are nothing short of hilarious and prove these couples are going to be some pretty awesome parents.

"Ice Ice Baby" bump

Super bro sidekick

Morning sickness

Pack your baby bag

Prego with a side of meatballs

Hopefully this baby isn't born in a mobile home meth lab

Taking one for the team

Mario is going to be a super brother

This expecting dad is going to make the same face when he sees the grocery bill

Baby bump-o-lantern

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