Couple Quits Their Jobs To Travel Cross-Country In A Tiny House (Photos)

Nothing beats hitting the open highway and going on an epic road trip across the country.

But staying in hotels night after night can get kind of expensive.

So, why not just take your house with you?

That's exactly what Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard did when they decided to quit their jobs a couple of years ago and go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Together, this dynamic duo bought a 20-foot-long trailer and built a tiny, 125-square-foot house on top of it.

Then, they simply latched their little house onto the back of a pickup truck and set off on the ultimate road trip across North America.

The total cost for this cozy house ended up being $29,328 and took the two over 1,000 hours to build.

While this thing may be small in size, its construction required a lot of materials, including more than 6,500 nails and 8,000 screws, along with other materials.

The traveling twosome recently reported since embarking on their journey, they've put 10,290 miles on their micro-residence and have been to a total of 25 states as well as parts of Canada.

You can be sure these guys won't be slowing down anytime soon since they plan on visiting 11 more states before hitting the end of the road.

According to Spesard,

We enjoy the new freedom this lifestyle has afforded us. We get to travel all over the country and go on new adventures almost daily. We work online and from the road. North America is our backyard!

Take a look at the pictures below to see this tiny, road-tripping house.

Meet Guillaume Dutilh, Jenna Spesard and their dog, Salies.

These guys built a tiny traveling house and set off on an epic road trip.

This little home has everything you need, from the great room...

...and a miniature kitchen... a cozy loft...

...and even a tiny little bathroom.

It even includes a small-scale shower.

They built this 125-square-foot home on a 20-foot trailer...

...and after $29,328 and 1,000 hours of labor...

...they were off on their adventure across the country.

This portable house has been to Nova Scotia...

...and New York City.

It's hit the beach in the Florida Keys...

...and weaved through the Petrified Forest National Park.

There's no denying this little home is way cooler than your average mobile home.

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