Couple Built This Gigantic Bed So They Can Sleep With Their 7 Pets (Photos)

If you love your pet, there's a big chance you're going to let it sleep in bed with you.

That's just part of what comes with being a caring, loving pet owner.

But when you have more than two pets at home, your sleeping situation can get a bit uncomfortable -- especially if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Let's face it, life is already difficult enough when you have to go from sleeping alone and having all of the space in the world to living with someone and having to deal with never sleeping comfortably again. 

So when Reddit user Robdogbird and his girlfriend were thinking of a way to make themselves and their seven pets comfortable in their bedroom, they decided to built an 11-foot bed.

According to Mashable, the couple created a custom frame, allowing them to line up a king-size mattress and a full-size mattress next to each other and create one family-friendly "mega bed."

If your back is always screwed up or you're waking up in the middle of the night because your significant other thinks he or she is a starfish, you might want to take notes.

And if you add pets to that equation, well, just start building yourself this huge bed already!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Reddit user Robdogbird and his girlfriend were in search of a way to comfortably sleep in bed with their seven pets.


Using a king-size mattress and a full-size mattress, the couple was able to create a "mega bed" for the whole family!


The only one who seems to not care is this furry little guy.


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