Bottled Air Is A Real Product And This Company Thinks You'll Buy It


If there's anything you shouldn't be spending your money on, it's probably air.

However, one company is making bank selling bottled air to those looking to take a deep breath.

According to Mashable, Vitality Air, among several air competitors, is taking full advantage of a new market created by China's incredibly poor air quality.

With millions of deaths due to air pollution in places like India and China, the market for air has expanded rapidly as companies attempt to fill the void.

Now, how much money are people actually paying for air? Try $20 to $30 per canister. Not to mention, a single canister typically supplies users with a mere 150 to 200 breaths of fresh air.

At first, you'd probably think that's an outrageous price to pay for something you're already getting for free. Hell, you're breathing it right now... But Vitality Air sold 12,000 canisters in China alone since October 2015.

And there's more proof that bottled air is finally becoming "a thing."

In a study on rising air pollution levels in poor cities around the world, WHO Director Maria Neira said,

Urban air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate, wreaking havoc on human health. At the same time, awareness is rising and more cities are monitoring their air quality. When air quality improves, global respiratory and cardiovascular-related illnesses decrease.

Who's to say you won't be in search of a canned air vending machine over the next couple of decades thanks to our insane pollution?

Check out the video above for a closer look at Vitality Air's latest sales pitch.

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