20 Common Phrases You've Been Saying Wrong Your Entire Life

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Like most writers, I tend to cringe every time someone tells me they have a "deep-seeded" belief.

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

We're all guilty of some grammar slip-ups now and then, but if you happen to be someone who frequently uses the word "irregardless" you might want to evaluate your vocabulary.

Or at least break out some of those English textbooks you never read in college...

While some misused sayings are pretty obvious, there are other tricker phrases even the most seasoned grammar police have trouble with occasionally.

Sometimes it may be as simple as using the word "in" vs. "and" when making a remark.

Other times, you just didn't hear a word correctly the first time you were introduced to a saying and since then, no one has bothered to inform you that we actually live in a "dog-eat-dog world" rather than a "doggy-dog world."

So, in order to set the record straight once and for all, we put together a series of common phrases you've probably been saying wrong without the slightest clue.

Just memorize this clever guide and you'll never have worry about looking like an illiterate idiot ever again.

Check out the photos below to learn the correct way to say these 20 common phrases.

"Giving leeway"

"For all intents and purposes"

"Beck and call"


"Wreak havoc"

"I couldn't care less"


"It's a dog-eat-dog world"

"Nip it in the bud"

"Don't take it for granted"

"Moot point"

"Statute of limitations"

"Fall by the wayside"



"Hunger pangs"

"Exact revenge"

"On tenterhooks"

"Free rein"

"One and the same"