These 12 Insane Daredevils Clearly Aren't Afraid Of Heights (Photos)

People are amazing, there's no doubt about that. Every now and then you come across a shocking video or set of pictures of people doing wild things and you're completely blown away.

Believe it or not, not everyone is afraid of heights.

As a matter of fact, there are a bunch of people around the world who fully embrace the thought and act of towering high above the scenic views of Russia. That alone seems to be a common trend.

We came across a collection of insane photos that show risk-takers and daredevils around the world scaling skyscrapers, standing on beams and even clinging on to cliffs hundreds of feet up in the air with their bare hands.

The photos are completely insane and give you a funny feeling in your gut if you stare enough. You can't help but have even more respect for the photographer who is always up a little higher than the person being photographed!

Check out the amazing photos below for a closer look. Are you afraid of heights?

Standing about 420 feet above Mumbai is no big deal.


This is how you do it: 1000-foot cliff in Norway on a unicycle.


Towering above Sochi, Russia should be an Olympic sport.


Actual rock climbing is a lot more exhilarating than wearing a harness.


Dangling from 380 feet in Russia seems to be a trend.


Hanging from a tall building with one hand looks easy, doesn't it?


These two are super close to 'falling' in love.


This was taken on the Empire State Building.


Vitaly Raskalov is known as a "skywalker" in Moscow.


This daredevil is perched high above the outskirts of Moscow.


No one has a better view of Times Square than this guy.


When you're in Russia and you see a giant red crane, you might want to climb it.


H/T: WhereTheCoolThingsHappen, Photos Courtest: Imgur