This Genius College Student 3D-Printed His Own Braces For Super Cheap

When Amos Dudley noticed his teeth were looking more crooked than usual, he wanted to do something about it. The only problem? Braces are way too expensive for a student living on a budget.

Dudley also admits he felt guilty about not maintaining his teeth after getting braces as a kid, telling BuzzFeed,

I felt bad about my teeth -- in part because they were crooked, but also because they were a reminder that I had neglected them. I felt like I had wasted the money my parents spent on my braces.

Luckily, Dudley, a 23-year-old digital design student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, had access to a 3D printer. After doing a lot of research, he discovered he could print his own braces for a fraction of the cost most orthodontists charge.

He was also intrigued by the prospect of doing it himself as a design experiment, saying,

When I realized that I could do something that was a little bit culturally disruptive, while demonstrating my skills as a designer and a maker, and fixing something that was making me self-conscious for virtually free, I felt it was more than worth the risk.

Ultimately, Dudley's DIY braces cost him less than $60, a far cry from the $8,000 similar braces typically cost. And after wearing them for 16 weeks, the results are impressive.


Amos Dudley


Amos Dudley

While 3D-printed orthodontia is not for everyone, it's nice to see enterprising young students taking advantage of their schools' resources. Dave Franco's dildo-printing character from "Neighbors" would definitely approve.

You can read about Dudley's entire process on his blog here.

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