This Cold Stone Scooper Serves Ice Cream Cones In The Most Insane Way (Video)

If you think the best part about Cold Stone employees is the song they sing every time someone drops a dollar in the tip jar, you clearly haven't been going to the right ice cream shop.

Cooking Panda recently posted a video capturing the unbelievable scooping skills of a Cold Stone worker.

After she takes your order, she throws a ball of ice cream around like it's nobody's business and shows off with a couple tosses under her leg and around her back before mixing in the other ingredients.

But that's not all! For the grand finale, she chucks it across the room to her coworker who effortlessly catches it in a cup. Now, that's what you call ice cream served with an extra scoop of entertainment.

This is how you serve an ice creamFollow us for more Cooking Panda Posted by Cooking Panda on Sunday, April 5, 2015

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