What His Choice of Shoes Say About Him

by Eddie Cuffin


There are many factors that can tell about your personality, like body language, clothing style and even your signature. An important feature of every man’s style, aside from a Jacob & Co. watch, are their shoes. So it is imperative to know that your choice of shoes for a date can give off more information about you than you think.

Countless dating experts proclaim that you can tell everything you need to know about your date simply by analyzing the type of shoe they are wearing. Here is Elite Daily’s guide to let you know what his choice of shoes say about him.


9. Casual Sneakers

Types: Converse, Vans Authentic This choice of shoes means that the guy likes has a hassle-free and simple lifestyle. These California kicks pretty much go with everything, so that means he does not want to think too hard about what he’s wearing. He doesn’t care much about brand names. He likes low-key things and gets along with all sorts of people. This also means that he is most possesses a chill mood, while his energy level probably pretty high.

8. Basketball Sneakers

Types: Lebron's, Kobe's, Jordan's This particular choice of shoes says that this guy really wants to be noticed, that his social status is important to him. He cares about fashion and can pull it off. He has some sense of style, but this is only limited to basketball sneakers. He’s trying to be accepted and cool. He’s ready to party, but, “I probably won’t get too drunk because I don’t want to f*ck up my shoes,” or "I'll just sit in this corner and make sure no one cans step on my kicks."

7. Luxury Sneakers

Types: Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Maison Martin Margiela, Christian Louboutin If you see these sneakers on the first date, know that this man has money in the bank. Also, it is very important to note that this guy may be fashion conscience and highly aware of the latest releases. He is extremely brand conscience. There is also a high probably that this man is cocky. Please note that this man knows that if it's not going to be you, it's definitely going to be the girl in her unreleased Prada dress. This man lives by the quote "on to the next one." If your date is wearing these shoes, there is a high probability that you are eating at a high-end restaurant on your date. He will likewise pay the bill without a problem. Be careful though, these shoes show that he likes to mingle and act like a celebrity. He’s not thinking about you.

6. Running Sneakers

Types: New Balance 993s, Nike Free Run, Asics Gel Spotting these sneakers on a first date means that this guy is highly active and low maintenance. The gym is his life; he doesn’t really care about fashion. This type of guy places more emphasis on comfort over style. When on your date, you will see that this man has a high energy: even though he is does not take drugs, he will still act like it. Be ready for an energetic date. He won’t be able to sit still, even when he’s sitting still. (Don’t worry if he fidgets; because he will fidget.)

5. Skate Shoes

Types: Eras, Nike SB Dunks, DVS This dude doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to be comfortable. He cares about fashion, but he’s not a snob. His idea of a high end designer is the guy who designed the Space Jam SB's. But just because he has skate shoes on does not mean he is a skater. With these shoes, the man is attempting to balance between a party and chill mode. He has high energy, but wants to things low-key.

4. Boat Shoes

Types: Sebago, Sperry The infamous boat shoe has to be included on our list. This shoe may portent that this man is lazy and doesn’t even want to wear socks or have to tie on. He is either a really preppy, an East Coaster, or someone who wants to look presentable and comfortable at the same time. Wearing these on a date shows that he wants to be comfortable and relaxed. He’s not trying to impress anyone, but he knows he looks good. His whole goal is to look good without having to put in the necessary effort.

3. Dress Shoes

Types: Salvatore Ferragamo, Allen Edmond's Seeing these on a first date means that this man is either old and crusty, or really trying to impress his date. It is probable that this man is financially stable, secure and mature. He wants to be taken seriously.

2. Sandals

Types: Reefs, Rainbows, Tevas This bro is so checked out. He’s not in a rush for anything. There is a high chance that this man will be late for the date. He wants to be free! He wants the whole world to be his living room. He doesn’t take himself seriously, and doesn’t care if anyone else takes him seriously, either. He also doesn’t think he has to work hard to get laid. If he’s not taking you anywhere too fancy, he might have just rolled ten joints and probably wants to take you to the beach. Hope you like tacos because there is a good chance he is unemployed.

1. Boots

Types: Timberlands, Combat Boots, Diemme, Ugg, LL Bean If your date chooses to wear boots on the first date, this should be your first and last date as well. A man wearing boots on a first date is a no-no. Save yourself the time and just run in the other direction.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images