Chipotle Is Adding Chorizo To Its Menu And We Literally Cannot Wait

If you're starting to get tired of Chipotle's chicken and beef burritos, you're in luck.

Chipotle set out to spice things up a bit by adding chorizo to the menu as a new protein option.

If you've never had chorizo before, you might want to reevaluate your eating habits because you're seriously missing out.

Chorizo is basically Mexican-style sausage, and it tastes downright delicious.

Just like Chipotle's current menu items, Chipotle's chorizo will go along with its “Food With Integrity” philosophy and only come from farms that raise animals humanely and don't use any antibiotics or hormones.

But don't drop what you are doing and run to the nearest location just yet; you're going to have to settle for the normal meat options for just a bit longer.

The new chorizo option is still in the test-run phase, so sadly, you can only get it in Kansas City at the moment. Road trip, anyone?

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