This Is How The Most Expensive Steak In The World Is Made

There's no shortage of crazy food-porn creations with equally insane price tags.

Remember when we showed you those golden doughnuts from Brooklyn?

Well, those gilded goodies aren't the only seriously expensive things you can sink your teeth into in New York City.

Eater just released a new YouTube video for its series "The Meat Show," and this particular installation takes you on a visual journey to see the most expensive slab of meat in the world.

That's right. In the video, steak connoisseur Nick Solares stops by Mu Ramen in Long Island City to watch renowned chef Joshua Smookler whip up some A5 grade wagyu steak dry-aged for 400 days.

Now, to put this into perspective for you, most American steaks are only aged for about 28 days, so that's part of the reason this particular piece of meat would cost you thousands of dollars in a restaurant.

After trying a piece of the steak raw, Solares samples the meat sous-vide and over sushi rice before coming to the conclusion this super old steak tastes pretty damn incredible.

Check out the video above to get a closer look at the most expensive steak on Earth.