Someone Reimagined Celebrities As Gingers And They Look Hilarious (Photos)

Sure, we've all seen our movie stars rock crazy hairstyles both on and off the big screen.

But, have you ever wondered what your favorite celebs would look like if they ditched their signature styles and became full-blown redheads?

Thanks to the Instagram account Put A Rang On It, you no longer have to wonder.

In case you're not familiar with carrot top lingo, "ranga" actually refers to a person with red hair.

As the name implies, this comical Instagram account transforms a variety of Hollywood A-listers into a bunch of badass gingers by giving them complete Photoshop makeovers.

These newly redheaded celebs include everyone from Kimye to the almighty Queen Bey, and all of their hilarious hairdos are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all your fave celebs reimagined as redheads.


Rangelina Jolie

Justin Timberang

Carang Delevingne

Kim Krangdashian

Rangye West


Leorango DiCaprio


Ranglor Swift

Rangnning Tatum

Jarang Leto

Morang Freeman


Crang Hemsworth

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