Photos Of Celebrities And Their Animal Lookalikes Are Creepily Accurate

Every person has a specific spirit animal.

However, a few people really take this metaphorical meaning to the next level and find furry sidekicks that capture their essences and appearances.

The phenomenon where pets look uncannily similar to their owners is pretty funny to begin with, but it looks even more hilarious when it happens to celebrities.

Recently, one photographer named Amy Davis set out to create a visual series, titled Anthropomorphism, which pairs celebs with a bunch of animals that pretty much double as their little doppelgängers.

By styling a few furry volunteers from her friends, Davis was able to give each animal a star-studded makeover in order to comically portray a celebrity.

Davis' awesome photos are both clever and hilarious, and they'll probably motivate you to get out there and start searching for your long lost dog twin.

Take a look at the photos below to see these celebrities and their animal lookalikes.

Justin Timberlake

Katy Perry

Bob Dylan


Harrison Ford

Steve Carell

Lady Gaga


Jessica Rabbit

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